S2V Esports Partners with UCAM eSports in Strategic Collaboration

S2V Esports and Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) have entered into a partnership agreement aimed primarily at developing S2V’s League of Legends team. This partnership marks an important step in the club’s development, utilizing UCAM’s state-of-the-art facilities and educational support through the end of the summer split.

Facility Sharing and Resource Access

S2V Esports’ League of Legends team will be moving to the UCAM Cybersports Complex. The move includes access to a dedicated game room for both practice and competition, an adjacent workroom for team meetings and feedback sessions, and a content creation room to enhance their training and strategic development.

Additional amenities provided by UCAM include access to the university’s gym and dining hall, providing players with a holistic environment that promotes their physical and mental well-being.

The two organizations intend to launch joint projects and activities, details of which will be announced soon. These initiatives are expected to foster innovation and growth in their respective esports endeavors.

Background for the Agreement

The collaboration between S2V Digital Sports S.L., the company behind S2V Esports, and UCAM emerged shortly before the Gamergy event and is a strategic twist from S2V’s original plans. Previously, S2V was in the process of setting up a new office and apartment system in Barcelona for the team. However, due to various delays and logistical issues, the completion of the facilities this season was in doubt.

Faced with potential setbacks, Pau “PochiPoom” Prada, S2V’s athletic director, who was already familiar with UCAM’s esports facilities from his work with the previous team, began negotiations with the university. UCAM, quickly navigating S2V’s needs and demonstrating flexibility and support, facilitated a quick agreement.

Player Relocation and Training

S2V Esports players will move to a residence near the UCAM campus in Murcia for the season. This proximity to training facilities is expected to alleviate the recent connectivity issues the team has experienced. The team will soon begin face-to-face training sessions in an effort to take full advantage of the collaborative working environment that UCAM provides.

Reshaping the Training Landscape

This partnership provides immediate benefits in the form of facilities and resources. UCAM recently created its own League of Legends team and partnered with Lenovo as an academic sponsor, highlighting its investment in the burgeoning field of eSports education.

The strategic alliance between S2V Esports and UCAM eSports will change the landscape of training and development for S2V’s League of Legends team. By combining UCAM’s educational and technological resources with S2V’s competitive experience, this collaboration has the potential to enhance the team’s performance and foster a deeper integration of esports into academic and professional realms. As the two organizations embark on this joint project, the esports community looks forward to the innovative projects and successes this partnership will undoubtedly bring.