S2V Esports Academy’s Impressive 2019

2019 was a landmark year for S2V Esports Academy, characterized by outstanding achievements and significant changes to the League of Legends (LoL) team. Let’s take a look back at the major successes of the past year and reflect on the strategy for the future.

The Academy team’s journey in 2019 has been nothing short of spectacular. They dominated the Storm Circuit, taking victories on four different stages and constantly demonstrating their skill and strategic savvy. Their outstanding results demonstrated their ability to work as a team under great pressure.

Triumphant Performances

A turning point in the competitive year was the NiceOne tournament in Barcelona, where they became the first team to qualify for the face-to-face finals. S2V qualified by a large gap, leaving their competitors far behind.

During the Orange Super League summer split, S2V players made their debut on the final day against X6tence. Their performance was so impressive that they were promoted to the first team for the Iberia Cup. Thus, they became the first team to participate in the Orange Super League and the Iberia Cup in the same year.

In both the Super League Orange and the Iberia Cup, the team reached the semifinals. While they were unable to pull off the ultimate victories, the true success of the Academy players lies in the incredible growth, development, and entrenchment in the professional esports landscape over the course of the year.

Transitions and Future Prospects

After an impressive performance at NiceOne Barcelona, each member of the team has resolved to find new opportunities in 2020. The Academy management fully supports their decisions to find new ways and opportunities to collaborate. The renewed team for 2020 will build on the invaluable experience their predecessors have gained on the international stage.

The S2V Academy is already preparing new training programs and incentive systems to maintain high standards and further develop the professionalism of the players. Foremost, it will be expressed in the involvement of more specialists of different profiles and the use of modern technologies and artificial intelligence in the learning process.

Optimism for Next Season

S2V Esports Academy is committed to continuing its journey to excellence next season in 2020. With a focus on innovation, strategic gameplay and nurturing up-and-coming talent, they look forward to the future of the League of Legends division and the broader impact they aim to make on the esports industry.

The Academy team’s journey in 2019 has set a high bar that will not only have to be maintained, but continually raised. This does not scare the players or coaches of the team. They are optimistic about the future and ready to overcome new obstacles on their way to new achievements!