Dani Alves Launches Esports Venture with We Are Nations

We Are Nations, a renowned sportswear and esports merchandising player, has entered into an important partnership with Brazilian soccer legend Dani Alves, becoming the official brand of his Good Crazy esports initiative. This partnership has created a sensation among both sports and esport fans.

Dani Alves, recognized as the most titled footballer in history with over 43 trophies, brings his competitive spirit from playing in top leagues such as Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A and France’s Ligue 1. He is currently back in Brazil, playing for São Paulo, from where he manages his esports projects. Let’s learn more about his ambitious endeavor!

Soccer Star Meets Esports

One of Alves’ main aspirations at Good Crazy is to instill traditional sports values such as hard work and perseverance into the esports community. His teams benefit from structured wellness and training programs that focus on youth development, including esports enthusiasts.

Good Crazy has already made strides by holding the first FIFA20 drafts in Europe and Latin America and selecting players for its debut professional esports team. The team is also preparing for the upcoming PES20 qualifiers in Brazil and plans to expand to other popular games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, CS:GO and Valorant.

Strategic Partnership for Global Reach

Patric Mahoney, CEO of We Are Nations, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, noting, “Dani’s successful career and infectious positive attitude are the perfect foundation for an esports team. By combining traditional sports success with a positive, inspirational message, we are creating a brand with significant impact potential.”

Dani Alves shared his excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing the strategic alignment of We Are Nations. “From the very beginning, when S2V, our specialized esports partner, introduced us to We Are Nations, it was clear that they were the perfect partner to achieve our goals. This collaboration aligns perfectly with my foundation in Bahia, which supports underprivileged children. Partnering with the best is very important and We Are Nations stands out as a highly competent ally in the gaming industry,” said Alves.

What to Expect?

The official Good Crazy gamer t-shirt will be available in early September on the brand’s online store, with plans to expand the product lineup under this agreement in the future. We Are Nations has a global network of direct sales and retail stores in the US, UK, Mexico and Australia, as well as partnerships with distributors around the world.

This venture marks a significant step for Dani Alves into the world of esports. At the same time, we should expect new characters to emerge in the esports arena. It has also influenced many soccer fans to pay attention to current esports trends. Thus, a significant increase in the number of spectators and players of the upcoming world championships in cyber disciplines is expected.